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3 October 2016

It's been a busy time since the last entry. Here is a piece which captures a few minutes during the Summer. 'Cafe by the Ardeche'.


9 April 2016

Spring has arrived, vigorously ... my new hip is settling in well... and off we go again though never quite as before - se 'The last onion'.

13 January 2016

Having passed 60 at Christmas I'm thinking that it is time to stop worriting on with questions of purpose and mortality, and simply get on with living. 'Re-Calibration' is my attempt to do just that.


20 July 2015

Pastoral church newsletters are not usually considered ground breaking literature, but having sweated over this one I thought  it might be of interest to a wider readership than the Norwich Area churches for whom it is intended.

July 2  2015

A day of hot, crackling sun which reminds me of other days like this from a long time ago. The border pinks from our childhood garden which are now blooming here in Pakefield reinforces that good memory. See 'Pink Buttonholes'.

June 15  2015

After weeks of waiting and willing the peony buds to open out into blooms today seems to be the day!

Also a hand out which accompanied two Praying with clay workshops held last Sarurday at the  URC Eastern Synod day out in Cambridge. No expertise was offered by me or required by the particpants but, rather like the peony, creativity bloomed anyway.

April 27 2015

A new week and a new poem relating how events of some 30 years ago came to an unexpected resolution - see 'Miss G's Revenge'. This is followed by a collection of pieces produced for last year's May Day event at the Seagull Theatre.

April 21 2015

Spring is well under way, the sun shines and a quiet few hours have enabled the website to go live. You will see that it is far from complete but some recent material is now available and other archive stuff will appear soon.

March 24 2015

After many months offline the fosten.com website 'Heaven in Ordinarie' is gradually returning. The new site will grow as and when I acquire some 'how to do it' knowledge and find a few moments in which to post material




If you have always wanted to ask me something, now is the time to go for it!

Recent arrivals ....

Pakefield cliffs by St Margaret and All Saints Church

Overheard on Pakefield Cliffs


It was a chanced upon conversation

held as darkness on the cliff top fell,

voices falling and rising in measured animation,

vibrant, yet benign as beach and swell converged.


Uneven, yet genuinely composite,

it seemed a rhythm might be set

only to quicken, then subside

as question, response and thoughtful silence met


and sought the wisdom of this shingle shore.

Toppling waves worked through a day's accumulation

of tide and weather and draw

of a waxen, waxing moon which held it's station


low above the roof tops and the church's tower.

You told me of this breaking conversation, said,

were you a poet you'd conserve this hour. And so,

because I love you all the more for listening to the waves,

I did.



Washed by moonlight near Matignon


An untimely brightness beckoned me;

my watch said sleep and darkness;

deep, regular breathing from the others

confirmed this view.

but the steady light gently shook me,

'Now, while you won't be missed;

It'll cost you nothing - give you much!'

The whisper convinced me that

the time was now - and might

not come again until, until ...


I dressed and left my sleeping loves

to re-charge in their chosen way then

took to the silent road, alone.

I cycled through the town until the trees thinned

to an open place where stubble fields

and distant woodland framed the moon

and let it shine full and unimpeded.


For moments, minutes, time enough

I stood and let this light

(which is much more than that)

cleanse and lighten my thinking and my feeling,

my living and my loving

and fix me once again in who I am.



Holiday Beer

Having a beer is (in effect)

the inverting of an hour glass

the allocation of just this much

space and time apart


Having a beer is (in effect)

an oasis, a sanctuary,

a portion set aside

for waiting, and listening,

a measured segment of


when the present comprises

solely of the now


Having a beer is (in effect)

not open-ended for

this moment is bounded

by glass and contents


the fullness reduces by

drops and grains

becomes a pool,

a mound,

it empties from above -

fills from below



Time that is loaned

must be called in


the glass drains,

final moments of

refreshment are savoured


and I must settle

la cuenta and

move on....

The Ghost Pirate Captain

Who is this ghostly pirate chief?

He’s shrieking like a bat;

he has a skull upon his flag

and one beneath his hat.


With swirling, rustling dustbin cloak,

a hook where once was hand,

he’ll make us walk the plank, for sure,

unless … let’s look … it’s just our Dan!

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